Accounting and Reporting


Reduce your accounting expenses by 50%

Our accounting services:

  • preparation and submission of mandatory tax and financial statements
  • calculation of financial performance
  • calculation of taxes and contributions payable
  • payment schedule optimization
  • recovery of accounting data
  • It won’t be needed anymore to purchase specialized software and pay additional taxes
  • It’s not needed anymore to organize a workspace for staff accountant
  • You just receive professional solution on questions posed to the accounting department

Scheme of work is simple:

  1. Send us your application
  2. When it is received, we will ask some questions, determine the nature and scope of the work
  3. We will calculate the cost of services and send the agreement
  4. Sign the agreement
  5. You make a prepayment for the first month
  6. Now all responsibility is on us!


We make an agreement and implement accounting work at your enterprise, in a shop, salon, at a service station, whatever you do – with high quality and responsibility!

Now its your

  • about the content of operations in accounting and tax reports,
  • about the preparation and submission of reports on time,
  • qualitative calculation of taxes, contributions and thoughts about the timing of their payment

We work in accordance with:

  • Federal Law “About Accounting” dated 6.12.2011 No. 402-FZ
  • “The Tax Code of the Russian Federation (Part One)” from 31.07.1998 N 146-FZ
  • “The Tax Code of the Russian Federation (Part Two)” from 05.08.2000 N 117-FZ
  • Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated 29.07.1998 N 34n
  • Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated 31.10.2000 N 94n “On Approval of the Chart of Accounts for Accounting of Financial and Economic Activities of Organizations and Instructions for its Application” “On Approval of the Regulations on Accounting and Accounting Reporting in the Russian Federation”
  • other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation

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