Bad marketing

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Bad marketing

Marketing for business is an incredibly useful tool. There is no such thing as bad marketing, there are bad marketers. Marketing, as a product of the activities of an unprofessional marketing team, may not have the expected or promised results, the product offer may be inappropriate, untimely, attract the wrong audience, attract unnecessary or problematic requests, be expensive, spoil the reputation of the seller in the market and even spoil the audience and the consumer market.

Marketing in any business cannot be a temporary or periodic event, so it is worth paying attention to any inconsistencies in the results of expectations.

Marketing of product and seller is not done quickly. As long as there is a business, get ready, the same amount will need to be engaged in marketing. If some marketer tells you from the doorstep: “I develop a business for you (one)”, “I’ll raise your sales (one)”, “I will reduce advertising costs!”, – make sure that you found this marketer not on the street. You are being fed primitive illusions of rapid success and wealth.

You can contact such a marketer if you have nothing to do, if you feel sorry for him and want to finance his development. In a word, if you want to show your patronage qualities and are ready to provide your business as a laboratory for conducting unconscious maneuvers. At the same time, it does not matter what amount of money this marketer asks for, even if it is free. Its activities can cause you such damage that you will spend much more money on restoring the business infrastructure: databases, websites, reputation, previously mastered sales channels. If you are not ready for this, look for an adequate person to start with, and it is better to have a very professional marketer right away.

You can read about the illusion of marketing activities in the following author’s article from AG.

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