A cooperation agreement was signed between the Republic of Kalmykia and Alterra Group of Companies

Within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum 2019, the Head of Kalmykia, Alexey Orlov, and the President of Alterra Group of Companies, Ekaterina Naumova, signed an Agreement on Cooperation between the Republic of Kalmykia and the Alterra Group of Companies. The subject of the agreement is to determine the basic principles and conditions for cooperation and joint activities of the Parties, aimed at transforming priority sectors of the economy to increase the competitiveness of domestic products and promote these products to world markets, as part of joint projects. reference Information The activity of the Allterra Group of Companies is aimed at creating a common result in the field of consulting and outsourcing services. Production and trading companies, banks, investors and owners of assets turn every day to the Allterra Group of Companies. ”Allterra” takes part and develops solutions for both everyday and private tasks, creates economic models, financial plans, plans the legal framework for activities, defends the interests of companies in the courts, and works to achieve high-quality business results.

The Allterra Group team took part in the plenary session chaired by D.A. Medvedev at the Sochi-2019 Investment Forum

The central theme of the Forum – “National Projects: From Strategy to Action” – was addressed in his speech at the plenary session by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Head of Government stated: “National projects are a single matrix in which we have tried to fit the life of the whole country. Let’s face it, never in the history of modern Russia has nothing of the kind been done, such a complex, widescaled, ambitious. All that we have to do to improve people’s lives, to ensure the strategic growth and development of the country in the next six years, is summarized in the indicators of national projects. Our forum is dedicated to these issues.” On the last day, at a meeting with the heads of the regional heads, the Prime Minister informed that he had signed a government decree on the creation of 14 territories of priority socio-economic development: 11 in single-industry towns, 3 in closed administrative territorial entity. “This is especially important now that we are starting work on national projects,” the head of government emphasized. Along with the themes of regional development that are traditional for the Russian Investment Forum, the extensive program also discussed new directions, including social entrepreneurship, innovations in charity, healthy life expectancy, and best practices of social and economic development. For ourselves, we learned that the state has a clear understanding of the principles of territories development, key goals and principles, with which the desired results in the field of business, taxes and tax policy, personal development, social sphere and society should correspond.

Participated in the evaluation of investment projects in the framework of the Investment Forum in Sochi-2019

Investment projects submitted by industry and which have undergone a thorough selection process by qualified experts are demonstrated in the format of pitch presentations, the format of which suggested a series of brief structured presentations The purpose of the pitch is to convey information about the project as efficiently as possible, to receive comments and recommendations from experts, and to interest potential investors. Projects: Samara Region – Construction of a plant for the production of food ingredients (pectin, inulin) Irkutsk Region – Production of diabetic test strips and industrial assembly of blood glucose meters brand Gmate Primorsky Krai – Reconstruction and modernization of the sports and tourist cluster “White Mountain” Moscow – Construction and subsequent maintenance of 100 complexes for industrial neutralization of toxic waste The KNL Ecosystem is a digital smart commodity platform provided with real infrastructure. Moderator: Pavel Stroyev, irector, Center for Regional Economics and Interbudgetary Relations, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Financial University) Experts: Andrey Grichuk, Partner, Head of Regional Development, Head of the Volga Regional Center, KPMG in Russia and the CIS Ekaterina Naumova, President, Alterra Group of Companies Pavel Mitrofanov, Managing Director for Corporate and Sovereign Ratings, Expert RA JSC Roman Kapinos, Deputy Chairman of the Board, SME Bank   Source, Roscongress Foundation

Exhibition in Kuwait in February 2019. Preparation and current situation

Information dated September 18, 2018

FOR THE EXHIBITION from February 13 to 16, 2019 in Kuwait, Aqua-Agro-Technologies and Foodstuffs, invited honored guests from the Middle East.

Kuwait – Sheikh Mohammed Al Yosef Sabah, Minister of Agriculture – Sheikh Ali Khaled Al Gayit, Minister of Economy – Youssef Al Zalzalla

Bahrain – King of Bahrain Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

Qatar – Sheikh Tamim God Hammad Al Thani

Oman – Sultan Sayyid Kabuus bin Said Al Said

This event is sponsored by the Kuwaiti Embassy.

The exhibition announced the desire to attend the largest trading companies from the East, such as:
There is a good financial situation in the countries of the Middle East, when there is an opportunity and desire of the government and retail networks to open the market. BIG FINANCIAL POTENTIAL OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY, WITHOUT TAXES, NO COMPETITORS FROM CIS COUNTRIES.

These trading companies are interested in purchasing goods from the CIS countries, the post-Soviet Union.

There are no goods from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova on the shelves, NO AT ALL.

At the moment there is a favorable situation in order to enter Kuwait with your products and technologies, as well as with neighboring countries Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is in close territorial proximity and has no taxes when trading between neighboring countries.

In connection with the above, we found an opportunity and took prompt measures to present the Russian Federation from the strongest position and the participants could show their capabilities in a more professional and fully possible way.
CYBERCONNECT exhibition organizer postponed the date of the exhibition from February 13 to 16, 2019.

Many companies and the Heads of Government of the Regions and the Ministry have expressed interest in participating in this exhibition.