Registration of the AG service mark

Registration of the AG service mark


After passing the examination in Rospatent (Application No. 2019761381 dated 29.11.2019), we became the owners of the object of intellectual property and identification – the trademark “AG”, the service mark. 

The ALLTERRA GROUP service mark includes the name, the logo of the first letters of the words “AG”, a combination of corporate colors. Certificate of registration of trademark (service mark) No. 796267 dated February 05, 2021.

The event inspires us with pride and satisfaction from the results of our business. We hope that the presence of a service mark will allow customers to distinguish our exclusive AG Services from the offers of other companies and performers. We have never stopped improving our work, achievements in the field of service from Allterra Group. We regularly work on corporate standards and introduce the best and new, demonstrate a continuous commitment to improving the quality of our work, services, and the speed of solving any questions and tasks of our clients. Many AG Services today are unique and have no analogues in the Russian market.

We thank everyone for their attention to our work, trust and use of our Services.

The AG team

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