Plenary session at the Investment Forum “Sochi-2019”

Plenary session at the Investment Forum “Sochi-2019”


Allterra Group executives took part in the plenary session at the Sochi 2019 Investment Forum chaired by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The central theme of the Forum – “National Projects: From Strategy to Action” – was addressed in his speech at the plenary session by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Head of Government stated: “National projects are a single matrix in which we have tried to fit the life of the whole country. Let’s face it, nothing more complex, ambitious and massive has ever been done in the history of modern Russia. Everything that we have to do to improve people’s lives, to ensure the strategic growth and development of the country in the next six years, is summarized in the indicators of national projects. Our forum is dedicated to these issues.”

Along with the themes of regional development that are traditional for the Russian Investment Forum, the extensive program also discussed new directions, including social entrepreneurship, innovations in charity, healthy life expectancy, and practices of social and economic development.

On the last day, at a meeting with the heads of the regional heads, the Prime Minister announced that he had signed a government decree on the creation of 14 territories of priority socio-economic development: 11 in single-industry towns, 3 in closed administrative territorial entities. “This is especially important now that we are starting work on national projects,” the head of government emphasized.

For themselves, the participants of the Allterra Group meeting stressed that the state has a clear understanding of the principles and goals of the development of territories, society, business, tax policy, personal development and the social sphere. We are confident that the state sees the need and regularly takes effective steps in these areas.

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