Digital technology

Digital technology

Official representative office of OJSC InfoTeKS Internet Trust (Contract No. 828 / АС-09-17) Information about OJSC InfoTeKS Internet Trust on the Internet at:

Technological solutions

You can purchase a qualified electronic signature for individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for electronic trading platforms and state portals. The basic certificate of electronic signature is suitable for electronic reporting, electronic document management and work with online cash registers (fiscal data operator). The set of platforms for the basic certificate can be supplemented with extensions for various trading platforms, state portals and systems on which the electronic signature will work. The price of the certificate depends on their quantity.

The activity of OJSC Infotex Internet Trust is regulated by the requirements of the Federal Law “On electronic signature” No. 63-ФЗ dated April 6, 2011. The certification center InfoTeKS Internet Trust is accredited by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and is a professional participant in the telecommunications services market under license from the Federal Security Service of Russia.

The “State Portals” section presents popular government information systems that use a qualified electronic signature created by an accredited certifying center InfoTeKS Internet Trust.

Federal electronic trading platforms (FETP)

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia No. 428 of October 26, 2009, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Antimonopoly Service identified 6 trading platforms for placing state and municipal orders:

  • Sberbank-AST
  • RTS tender
  • Agency for State Order of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • United Electronic Trading Platform of the Moscow Government
  • National electronic platform
  • Electronic trading platform of the Russian auction house (44-FZ each)

Data on purchases on these trading platforms are published on the official website

To get an EDS for trading on federal electronic platforms, contact the accredited certifying center “Infotex Internet Trust”.

The electronic signature certificate for FETP of the Infotex Internet Trust company is suitable for use at all federal electronic platforms and on the AST GOZ marketplace.

CETP is a commercial electronic platform where non-state companies are trading — commercial customers. There are much more commercial electronic sites than federal ones, and the rules for holding auctions for them are more flexible. A qualified electronic signature is used to give legal significance to trading operations on electronic platforms. The Infotex Internet Trust certification center issues an electronic signature for work on the most popular commercial electronic platforms, including:

  • Association of Electronic Trading Platforms (AETP)
  • B2B-Center
  • uTender
  • Siberian trading platform
  • OTC-tender
  • “ГазНефтеторг.ру”
  • VTB Center

In addition to the most popular commercial electronic trading platforms, the electronic signature certificate for CETP includes a set of portals and systems without special certificate requirements.

To obtain a certificate of qualified electronic signature for work on federal and commercial electronic trading platforms, contact the certification center “Infotex Internet Trust”. After receiving the keys and electronic signature certificate, pass the accreditation at the selected site

In accordance with Russian legislation, electronic reporting is submitted to the tax inspectorate (FTS), the Pension Fund (PFR), the Social Insurance Fund (SIF), the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat). Sending is carried out using modern ViPNet EDI Report, with ViPNet CSP crypto-provider, via secure channels built on ViPNet technology.

The process of filing reports via the Internet to regulatory authorities has important advantages, including the rapid exchange of information via secure communication channels. Reports in electronic form are submitted via the Internet and have the same legal force as the documents on paper. No need to stand in queue. Documents will be filed accurately and on time. The introduction of technology for sending reports via the Internet does not require special training of employees.

In “Infoteks Trust” there are tariffs that allow you to choose an option for subjects according to the type of taxation – individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, budget institutions.

Electronic document management is a fast and secure way to paperlessly exchange documents with counterparties. You can send invoices, bills of lading, acts of work performed, acts of reconciliation, and other documents without spending money on mail and (or) couriers.

Electronic document management allows you to exchange files in different formats – these can be Word or Excel documents, scanned orders in PDF, acts in XML, universal transfer documents and other formalized documents.

Accreditation by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and the license of the Federal Security Service allow developing, creating and producing encryption (cryptographic) means, protected information and telecommunication systems, performing work in the field of information encryption and maintaining their performance.

InfoTeX Internet Trust implements complex projects in the field of information protection of any complexity level, both for state and commercial organizations, from information protection in small information systems at the subdivision level to creation of information protection systems in information systems at the federal level.

Services of OJSC InfoTeKS Internet Trust include:

  • Conduct an information security audit;
  • Development of information security policy documents;
  • Creation of secure information systems, including personal data information systems;
  • Certification of information objects;
  • Information Security Outsourcing;
  • Assistance in obtaining a license of the FSB of Russia.
  1. In an environment where companies are forced to transmit confidential information over publicly accessible communication channels, for example, via the Internet, to ensure their business, the protection of communication channels becomes imperative.

As part of information security outsourcing, it offers services for the construction and maintenance of a communication channel protection system that allows you to control data flows at the organization’s information system (IS) boundary, ensure confidentiality of information transmitted and minimize damage associated with the realization of potential threats from outside.

Protection of communication channels and e-mail includes the implementation of the following solutions:

  1. Protection of communication channels (VPN) and firewalling;
  2. Email Protection.

The outsourcing of the protection of communication channels and e-mail is carried out remotely with the possibility of visits by the specialists of OJSC InfoTex Internet Trust to customer sites to solve complex technical issues.

Services for outsourcing the protection of communication channels and e-mail includes the following types of services:

  1. Provision of rights to use the software product line ViPNet for a period of 1 year;
  2. Deployment services (additional services provided by the client):
  • implementation of commissioning works to protect communication channels;
  • initial configuration of the protection of communication channels in accordance with the organization’s information security policies and information security requirements;
  • performance of work on checking the functioning of the implemented means of protection of communication channels in the customer’s IT infrastructure (trial operation) and their tweaking (if necessary);

Administration services:

  • Configuring a secure network;
  • Add and remove subscriber points;
  • Generation and distribution of key information;
  • Update routeing information;
  • Changes to traffic filtering rules;
  • Carrying out procedural and preventive work to maintain the health of the means of protection of communication channels;
  • Software update (software update for ViPNet products is free);

Service operation:

  • monitoring and analysis of network activity;
  • response to the detection of suspicious network activity;
  • execution of client requests for the work of information security tools;
  • audit of compliance of settings of communication channel protection with the requirements of the organization’s information security policy and information security requirements;

Reporting and consultation:

  • report on calls to technical support;
  • provision of operational advice by phone and e-mail in the hot – line mode;
  • provision of operational advice on applications registered through the website of the service system;
  • providing access to information resources of the technical support service, containing: up-to-date documentation on software and hardware-software components, answers to the most frequently asked questions on the maintenance of the protection system of communication channels.

Certification Authority
(electronic keys)

from 15 $

  • Free tool – VipNet CSP
  • Qualified certificate
  • ES for trading platforms
  • ES for state systems
  • ES for corporate systems

Electronic reporting
(via TCS)

from 30 $

  • Reporting of the FTS / PFR / FSS / Rosstat
  • Max work automation
  • ON VipNet EDO Report
  • Clear and user-friendly interface
  • Simple line of tariff plans

Electronic document

0.10 $ per document

  • ON VipNet EDM Document
  • Integration with 1C
  • Contracts, invoices, acts
  • Protection of information during transmission
  • Simple work scenarios

Informational security

on request

  • Audit information security
  • Creation of security systems
  • Normative documents
  • Maintenance of security systems
  • Accounting

Protection of communication channels and e-mail

from 82 $

  • Protection of communication channels (VPN)
  • Firewalling
  • Email Protection
  • Deployment
  • Administration

Free technical support


  • Around the clock
  • By phone
  • By email
  • Via chat
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