Foreign economic activity

Foreign economic activity


We have an impeccable reputation

Choosing cooperation with us you get a reliable, open, loyal, executive, professional, and most importantly - a decent partner!

We speak languages

We speak Arabic, Georgian, Azerbaijani, English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

We have a direct presence in the field

Considering the activities we work multilaterally on the situation and processes by a group of specialists located in Russian cities, as well as locally in a given country

We are distinguished by professional training, knowledge and experience

A wide range of our activities allows you to solve many issues and challenges.


We honor the confidentiality of our customers' data and ensure the security of information received in the process

Operational efficiency

Ability to perform operational tasks


  • We organize transactions for the sale of goods, technologies, developments and objects of intellectual rights
  • We carry out the selection of necessary goods, services, technologies and so on.
  • We supply to Arab markets
  • We carry out customs procedures
  • We organize and support transactions for buying and selling real estate in the EU
  • We open you a business abroad and accompany legal, financial, accounting, tax and migration issues.
  • We represent your interests in government and commercial organizations
  • We participate in negotiations and conduct them for you on the result
  • We organize and participate in specialized exhibitions
  • We develop any kind of events that interest you
  • We solve various issues with authorities and organizations in the EU
  • We carry out individual orders, incl. provide a translator and transfer
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