How to make marketing good?

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How to make marketing good?

The subject area and competence of a marketer.

A universal marketer? Frankly speaking, there are no such things. Marketing activities are not universal. It is extremely necessary for a marketer to know the subject area. Even a mathematician who owns “science without borders” will not understand what calculations he needs to perform if he does not know the scope of their application and the usefulness of calculations for business. It is unlikely that any specialist is able to explain to the mathematician what he needs to do. The reason is that the specialist knows the subject area, but not mathematical models. If the marketing activity is not built correctly, then the marketer does not know how to apply his skills, and the customer does not know what can and should be done to promote his products. Do not involve marketers who have not been involved in your product, works or services before, because they do not understand the essential features of these products.

To choose a marketer, you need to pay attention not only to the knowledge of the marketer, but also to the physical nature of the subject area of the product. There are relatively easy products to promote on the market, and there are frankly complex ones. Complex product categories include all areas of art, almost all services and works. Difficult to promote is everything that the consumer needs to imagine in his head to make a purchase decision, that he cannot examine, weigh or touch at the time of purchase. To promote a simple product, you can attract a marketer without experience, he will not be able to effectively promote complex categories. To promote complex categories, a marketer must “grow up”. It is unlikely that you will teach a marketer everything you need. In a word, you are a “business”, not a university for endowing people with competencies and should not pull non-walking employees on your back. Another thing is even worse. The hidden truth. Not an experienced marketer will not want to earn little and will not demonstrate his incompetence, he will come and prefer to do something right away. Try to identify such a person in time. Almost all marketers are consumers of food, users of household items, car owners, and so on. The risk is justified for goods that are not difficult to promote, for example, for the promotion of widely distributed or mass-consumption goods. Hire a person who is talented in promoting products in the markets or knows the subject area well.

Should a marketer know the local market and/or be local? If a local consumer product is not represented in other regional markets, yes, a marketer is needed from this region. In view of this, the promotion of goods will be much easier to perform. The possible cumulative effect cannot be replaced by any technical means. The local marketer knows the main consumers and their preferences.

Consistency of work.

Marketing cannot be done periodically. Started a business – immediately find a marketer. He is as important today as an accountant to report to the state. Having found a marketer, conduct marketing research for your product and conduct them periodically, do this until the product sales become permanent and stable.

Look for a marketer to join your staff. He should be in touch with you all the time, dealing only with you and your project. There is no emptiness or downtime in business. There is always a job for a marketer. A marketer should never stop, because the market never stands still and you always need to move forward. This is an axiom. With constant work on the promotion of the product, it is sold. Such work is never temporary. Work determines the nature of work. A marketer receives a salary for development, not for signs, pages or ideas. Do you want development? Develop.

The results of marketing research should end with hypotheses.

In marketing research, supplement facts and statements about market situations, their volumes, and the filling of the market with competitors with specific interpretations for the purposes of product promotion. These will be hypotheses that need to be tried. Research without hypotheses is meaningless. The success of hypotheses and the further effectiveness of the promotion of a product depends only on the strength of the creative and mental potential of the marketer, the marketing team.

Marketing costs.

Real development can’t come cheap. There are a lot of offers of cheap sites on the market: landing pages for a couple of thousand rubles and quick staging of an advertising campaign. Beware of empty costs. The size of the required investments is different for each business. Always start with marketing research. Without doing this work, you should not create and launch an advertising campaign (for online advertising, collect keywords and write ads). Launching marketing events without their elaboration is completely inappropriate. You are guaranteed to receive calls, but from pseudo-buyers whose thoughts and intentions will raise the hairs on your head. Why do you need such a hairstyle?

You may be stopped by very expensive marketing solutions and inappropriate marketing costs that will not be able to recoup from the volume of sales and revenue received. In everything else, do not stop. It is necessary to analyze the quality of marketing activities, their relevance, in order to understand whether you need them in this version or require clarification. It is quite possible that marketing costs are high at first, and then they will get a decrease, but this also needs to be analyzed.

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