Innovation as a way of management

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Innovation as a way of management

Innovation and innovation management is a process of qualitative updating of the execution environment of familiar (established, mass, systemic) events.

Innovations are most often needed by very outdated or worn-out systems. Innovations are needed to incorporate accumulated environmental changes into the execution environment. Before carrying out innovations, there must be confidence that such changes are necessary.

The goals of innovation as a process:

  1. Improvement of the existing.
  2. Creating a new one.

Improvement after the introduction of innovations.

Advantages: low costs, the use of available resources and small organizational changes (creation of an innovation management team mainly from existing employees).

In Russian practice, there are almost no examples of some combining competitors to create  a new model. The state, promoting scientific and technological progress, entrusts organizational issues to state corporations.

There is an opinion in the management structures of commercial and social enterprises that innovations affect the object of management, but this is an erroneous idea of innovation. Therefore, when setting tasks for innovation, it is necessary to clearly understand: “What needs to be changed?” and “What is the purpose of this?”. Will there be changes with the management object and it will be adjusted to the outdated system or will the system itself be updated? For example, it is impossible to force people, as an object of innovative management, to use a black-and-white tube TV and a home antenna, if today there are plasma screens and digital television, as well as computers and the Internet on the market. In this case, the production of black-and-white televisions, as a production system, should be seriously updated.

If the tasks in the innovation process are set incorrectly, then this will lead to the zeroing of the effectiveness of the process and the activities carried out.

A team of specialists in a narrow field of activity (technologists, engineers, economists, planners, and so on) should promote innovation. Innovation is not a universal approach to management, but a special and individual process.

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