the key to sustainability in business

«PRO Protection» is an innovative approach to business, a program aimed at protecting core resources that will help ensure the financial sustainability of your business.

The insurance program consists of two types – insurance against accidents and insurance against critical diseases, which comprehensively allows you to protect staff and key employees from unforeseen life situations.

Insurance of employees against accidents allows you to increase the social security of staff, providing assistance to employees and their families in difficult life situations.

Insurance against critical diseases allows you to provide financial protection for employees in case of diagnosing deadly diseases (cancer, heart attack, stroke, and 8 more dangerous diseases).

Product Benefits

  • Financial protection of significant persons of the company
  • 24/7 warranty coverage worldwide
  • High attractiveness of the company as an employer
  • Employee health care
  • Increase the sense of security among employees, increase staff loyalty
  • Reducing the cost of material assistance to employees in the event of operations, loss of working ability or loss of the breadwinner
  • Preservation of the usual standard of living in case of unforeseen circumstances

Coverage for the program, rub.

Employee insurance rate, rub. per month

500 000

1 224

1 000 000

2 249

The insurance service is provided by a reliable partner of our bank, VSK Insurance Company. Detailed information about the product, including tariffs for insurance services, is posted on