On the start, attention... About the benefits of planning

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On the start, attention... About the benefits of planning

Business start? Almost every entrepreneur or manager faced the problem of business development at the start. Most often, this process looks like this: a business starts and ends on average a year and a half after an unsuccessful search for sources of financing.

When we look into the reasons in detail, we often find low-grade investment plans that have not interested investors. There are often communication problems: the business owner and the investor speak to each other in different languages and have different ideas about the processes of activity. Most often, the business arose spontaneously and the business organizers did not have comprehensive planning, there was not even a business plan, that is, a plan for actions in the context of their volume, time of completion and sequence.

In order to avoid such well-known problems, we can give you some very practical advice. Entrepreneurs and businessmen at the start of their own or commercial business need:

  1. pay enough attention to planning your business,
  2. study well and present ways to achieve the goals of your project,
  3. it is necessary to reinforce knowledge and goals with financial calculations,
  4. business plans are written for doing business, investment plans are written for financing business from external sources. AG has adopted a standard according to which these plans are made and everyone meets their goals and thanks to these plans, the business owner solves the tasks facing him,
  5. it is necessary to present to potential investors a request for financing in a visual form (in fresh printed form, with graphs, diagrams, etc.),
  6. to know the answers to key questions for interviewing investors in order to present the project in the best competent form and seek financing,
  7. you need to have patience.
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