Tender support


Selection of procurement procedures that match the profile of your organization and the formation of an application that meets all the requirements of procurement documentation is the basis for success and victory in any tender.

We search for lots and offers that interest you, coordinate them with you, prepare a full package of documents for participation in the competitive procedure. We participate in the bidding of any forms and levels, such as: electronic auction, open and closed competition, competition with limited participation, request for quotations, price request, request for proposals, organized by state corporations, state-owned companies, public-law companies, natural monopolies, organizations that provide services in the field of electricity, gas, heat, as well as organizations that have in the authorized capital of 50 percent or more of the property of the Russian Federation, subjects and municipalities.

We help you sell your products, works and services on a daily basis – and this is a big part of our work, where we have gained vast experience, knowledge and skills.

The number of procedures worked
The number of procedures provided to the customer
Participation in selected procedures
Number of wins
The amount of completed contracting
Number of protocols submitted to the Dispute Commission

Composition of tender documentation of the contractor

The main document, without which the documents for participation in the competitive procedure will not even be considered, is, of course, the application for participation. The application is certified by an official of the organization that has the right of first signature. This is usually the CEO or other authorized person (the employee). The application contains the proposal of the participant.

n addition to the bidding tender documents include:
  • order appointing the general director (other executive body) and chief accountant
  • extract from the register (not older than 15 days)
  • charter and constituent documents
  • certificate of state registration of a legal entity
  • orders for the appointment of responsible officers
  • licenses and patents (copies)
  • TIN certificate
  • information about the experience of performing contract work
  • certificate of no arrears in payments to the budget

When preparing tender documentation, it is necessary to provide submitted accounting documentation (balance sheet, profit / loss reports for the next 3 completed reporting periods).

Documents are provided on paper, notarized, or in electronic form.

Individual approach

Despite the fact that the list of documents for participation in tenders is unified and typical, it is necessary to approach its preparation taking into account the individual characteristics of the participant in the competitive procedure and taking into account the requirements of the procurement initiator. Features are often determined by the specifics of the industry in which the purchase is carried out.

Each state or municipal structure has its own list of requirements for the selection of candidates for participation in the competition. Our specialist in the preparation of tender documents will analyze the criteria and make a conclusion about how your company complies with them. This dramatically increases the chances of winning the tender and allows you to avoid untargeted costs and time spent on participation in competitions.

We conclude profitable contracts in all areas of commercial activity. The most popular are the following areas: construction and communications, landscaping and utilities, heat and power generation, services, supply of production equipment and industrial goods.

We analyze the past tenders of the customer, if necessary, send a request for clarification of the documentation, analyze the tender documentation and choose the most appropriate strategy for a particular customer. We do not work on templates, because it is impossible. Each time we facing specific tasks and experience helps us to cope with it.