Legal services

Legal services

We provide following services:

  • Legal analysis of a situation and general legal audit
  • Preparation of contracts, agreements, appendixes, orders, decisions, memorandums, regulations, instructions, local regulation records and other documents
  • Development of action for declarations, private, appeal, cassation and supervisory claims, petitions, declarations and other documents
  • We represent interests in arbitration courts in Russia and Europe, in courts for intellectual rights, in regional, urban, district, charter and referees courts.
  • We represent interests in official organs, authorities and federal agencies
  • We accommodate dispute settlements and prepare legal determinations
  • We conduct comprehensive legal support of commercial activities

Millions of organizations use legal services daily

The dynamics of the market is shaped with the idea that today clients need not only the legal consultancy, able to solve the legal problems, but they are also in search for decisions that concerns business in general. A modern lawyer has to be an expert not only in the current legislation, but he also must have sound knowledge in economics, finance and management.

Legal analysis


Legal analysis is a research of a company’s business facts, its documents and the situation overall. Market also offers a recently occurred new service – legal audit. Legal audit is a research of combined facts of business activities. It includes analysis of consequences and factor analysis of income and resource losses. Such intellectual activity of our specialists is based on research papers, arguments and various perceptions. This service is our trademark and is an inalienable part of our image.

Document analysis (situation, cases) as a separate phase of a work implies a successive solution of the following tasks:

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the legal qualification of a situation.

Secondly, it is required to take a decision in regards to the legal opportunities for protection of subjective rights and property interests of a company and business.

There are several phases for accomplishing mentioned goals:

Phase 1. Extensive analysis. All-round analysis of the actual circumstances of a case

Phase 2. Legal qualification. Implementation of legal qualifications.

Phase 3. Requirements. Requirements analysis from interested party.

Phase 4. Opportunities. Analysis of all possible opportunities for requirements pursuit.

The result of a legal analysis is formulated in a reconciliation of a situation with the legislation requirements of Russia or other countries, as well as provision of conclusions and recommendations.



This type of work includes:

Documents development

To be considered in case:

  1. such documents were not previously developed
  2. the development of documents is not associated with the filling of standard forms, templates.
  3. it is required to evaluate all criteria for completeness of documents and accuracy of data reflection

Documents preparation.

To be considered in case:

  • documents are being formed using standard formats and templates
  • documents are normative in nature and will be assessed by the competent authorities.

Documents collection.

Documents are collected from a client to perform the task.

Representation of interests

In legislation, the concept “representation” is defined as an agreement made by a person (named representative) by order or on behalf of another person (represented), based on a power of attorney or an act of a state body, local government body that creates, modifies or terminates civil rights and functions. (According to the article 182 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Citizens, as well as legal entities, have the opportunity to make agreements or other legal actions through a professional representative, including the settlement of various situations.

A lawyer, on behalf of a principal, has the right to go to negotiations, to apply to one or another executive authority to file appeals, statements, with or without documents, to receive answers to questions posed, as well as to receive the results of implementation by the executive authorities of certain empowerments.

A representative has the right to choose the most acceptable way for achieving a goal and its implementation.

Combination of actions

Combination of actions includes all the listed services. When ordering services in combo, a lawyer is not bound to performing only one stage, but is free to conduct “three” at once if necessary. The goal setting is done within the framework of a signed agreement. Goals, desired results of legal work and criteria for their achievement are all prescribed in our agreements.

The advantage of our company is that you won’t have to select a contractor represented by one lawyer. Our lawyers have all kinds of trainings. They specialize in court participation, document preparation, intellectual property rights, corporate disputes, migration issues, and so on.

Online services

You can order any legal services remotely, without a visit to the office.

  1. Provide us to the email address of the case.
  2. We study them and voice the cost of services and terms.
  3. Pay using Pay Pal
  4. We carry out the work and transmit the results.

** The work is carried out confirmation of payment, about which you will receive a letter.