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About us. Allterra Group

Many people ask us “Who are we?!”. We are always ready to answer this question! We are a Russian company that eventually turned into a group of legal entities. We never took loans and developed only due to the efficiency and strength of our intellect.

Business history since 2008


Opening of a legal business. Judicial Lawyer and Corporate Lawyer services (conducting transactions, protecting competition and advertising, protecting business in inspections).


The company “Expert-document” LLC (work in Yekaterinburg), since 2010 – the company “Document” LLC (work in Moscow).

Service Sites:



To date, about 1,000 court cases, about 500 state registrations (making entries in state registers in the interests of legal entities, entrepreneurs and citizens), about 700 different commercial transactions on the instructions of clients have been organized and conducted, more than 750 inspections have been passed.


Opening of production of ventilation equipment for several federal projects (including the Sochi Olympics), foreign economic activity of Russia- CIS.The company LLC “Ural ventilation plant “Techelectro”, Yekaterinburg.


Complex deliveries of construction materials to civil engineering facilities in the Leningrad region. 5 companies have been opened for 5 construction projects, St. Petersburg.

Complete project management: planning, search and verification of suppliers, carriers, cash flows, organization and control of supplies (metal products, reinforced concrete products and building blocks, building mixes, insulation materials, wood materials, roofing, pipes, equipment, etc.).


Formation of Allterra Group in Moscow, service mark (trademark) “AG”. www.allterra.group

Opening of financial and investment activities (banking, tax issues, accounting, economics, investments), development of communications for foreign economic activity.

Financial business issues: interaction with banks, tax authorities, reporting, passing inspections, etc. https://buhg.allterra.group/

Economic business issues: pricing, pricing policies, economic activity planning, financial plans.

Advanced and effective methods have been developed and implemented.


The company “Allterra Investment and Financial Company” LLC has been opened.

Opening of the AG Investment Studio. Activities based on own methods.

Investment business issues: audit of investment projects, development of investment projects, financing of investment projects (search and organization of processes).

Opening of the service for foreigners (invitations for visas, work permits, highly qualified specialists, RVP, residence permit, citizenship). https://mig.allterra.group

Opening of the business administration service (the service of an external sales manager with an emphasis on foreign economic activity).


Start of the Halal meat and meat products trade project for export, signing of an agreement with the region. The lack of technical equipment for Halal standards has been discovered, the creation of technical infrastructure and production is being considered.


Opening of the AG Business Studio (business planning, business security, project management, business migration). A large volume of completed orders. especially in the field of business security.


Opening of integrated promotion and advertising of goods and services (marketing). Identification of problems in marketing in Russia and development of own methods, 6 articles were published in 2022 (published on the website).


The company “Power of the Steppes” LLC (a subsidiary) has received permits to conduct export activities. The company has passed veterinary, land, phytosanitary supervision, and is included in the state industry list. The status was assigned on 13.09.2022 and synchronized with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of Russia on 18.10.2022.

Two supervised objects: a land plot and elevators, granaries, granaries and other places of storage of cereals, legumes and oilseeds. The status RU-008/EL59257 was assigned and confirmed on 15.08.2022. The status RU-026/DG62601 was assigned and confirmed on 10/20/2022.