Traineeship at AG

Traineeship at AG

ALLTERRA Group of Companies conducts trainee candidates for further employment. During the trainee, the candidate studies the basics of professional activity, regulatory legal acts and instructions, standards of activity, performs a trainee program under the supervision of professional colleagues, and learns professional actions. The trainee is formalized by a contract. The trainee time is paid. At the end of the trainee, the candidate undergoes a final interview.

AG personnel Traineeship


Trainee at AG is possible for candidates in four situations:

01. Entering the profession. Young specialists.

Trainee at AG is the most convenient form of entry into the profession for students of the second semester of the last year of study at a vocational educational institution and for graduates of vocational educational institutions (these are specialists with experience in industrial and pre-graduate practice, but without experience of full-time work in the profession).

02. Obtaining work experience in qualification by confirmation of basic knowledge.

Interns can be people with short unqualified work experience. To do this, it is necessary to confirm the safety of qualified knowledge, the ability to navigate professional issues on a vacancy and quickly find acceptable solutions of special test tasks.

03. People with confident practical experience, without special education.

Candidates can show knowledge for an trainee if they have worked in the profession for a long time and received professional training without having the appropriate education. People are considered by us as “practitioners”. The solution of theoretical and practical problems for them should not be difficult. The profession of such a candidate and the vacancy announced in the company, the scope of tasks should coincide. The duration of the trainee in AG for such specialists can be significantly reduced.

04. Changing the characteristics of activities within the framework of previously received education.

Candidates for vacancies of companies from related professions and areas of activity who have decided to expand practical knowledge in their work, to change the specifics of their activities on the basis of previously received education can apply for testing for further trainees. For example, economists and tax specialists can become accountants, economists and financiers can become investment specialists, a civil law lawyer can become a corporate work specialist, etc.).

        These situations can presented in tabular form:

ParameterThere is a special educationThere is no special education
Have work experience

Training of trainee is not required.

Candidates immediately apply for the staff of the company.


Training of trainee is possible.

People with extensive practical experience are considered (situation No. 3).

No work experience

Training is possible.

Students are considered (situation No. 1).

Specialists with non-professional work experience are considered (situation No. 2).

Specialists with education for related professions are considered (situation No. 4).

Training is not considered.

It is necessary to study at a professional educational institution.

If you have paid attention to an AG vacancy and you have one of the above cases, you can consider interacting with the AG in the trainee format.


1.Real activity training.

The trainee sets up a person’s professional activity: it adjusts his competence and makes him interesting for AG and highly competitive in the modern labor market.

It is better for a person to spend 4-5 months of his life and become a master of his craft than to constantly hear the claims of the employer, to lose many years of his life on the constant search for new jobs.

2.Not for free.

You give your diligence and time and get a decent monetary compensation to go to the trainee every day and eat.

A trainee is a company’s investment in employee development, it is a company’s payment for mastering its standards of activity. The company is interested in the trainee to be completed successfully. Only interested candidates are allowed to participate in the trainee.

3. Possibility of smooth reprofiling

The situation in the professional education segment in Russia is such that about 70% of educational programs are aimed at training personnel for the purposes of the state, for work in the public service, for the fulfillment of goals and objectives of public control and security. Such specialists are not ready to work in commercial segments of activity in terms of theoretical knowledge, philosophy of tasks and formed worldview.

For example, these are initially lawyers with training in “social security law”, “prosecutor’s supervision”, “investigative activity”.

Choosing such highly specialized educational programs, you need to understand where you will have to work after that. In Russia, for more than 10 years, there has been overproduction of personnel for the needs of the civil service and under-production of personnel for work, for example, in industry and construction.

When a specialist does not get a job in a government department after obtaining a certain qualification, he is looking for other areas of application of his knowledge and talents. Such specialists can be considered by us depending on the vacancy opened in AG.


The trainee is a permanent recruitment program of AG.

To make decisions about the trainee, the company has developed a system for testing the knowledge and skills of candidates in various fields of intellectual activity.

For admission to the trainee, the candidate solves tests, based on the results of which the AG specialists determine the candidate’s level of preparedness for professional activity. The potential possibility of mastering the AG trainee program by the candidate is determined.

Testing is not hard. The scope of testing includes theoretical questions, practical tasks that AG specialists face in their daily professional activities, as well as psychological testing. In some tasks there are no right or wrong answers. Some tasks are aimed at determining the desire of candidate to understand a particular issue, as well as the ability to think or reason.

The test results are checked by the AG managers.

If a candidate does not demonstrate that he has basic knowledge or ability to perform a certain type of tasks, AG specialists have the right to evaluate such a candidate as not ready to perform professional tasks in AG and refuse an trainee.

With regard to candidates who have successfully passed the test, the Company demonstrates its readiness to teach the intern modern practices, the subtleties of the profession in order to long-term cooperation with a specialist.

After successful completion of an trainee with an employee, requirements are imposed as a specialist without the need for his training.


The trainee of candidates who have successfully demonstrated their abilities and knowledge takes place daily on weekdays and lasts full-time for a certain number of calendar months. Taking into account the intern’s individual plans (for example, related to the preparation of the final dissertation), the trainee schedule may be changed.

The trainee is the implementation by the trainee of a plan for obtaining theoretical knowledge, training in special practical skills. The trainee supervisor is assigned to the intern, who oversees the implementation of the trainee plan, and teaches the intern the tasks of professional activity.

At the end of the trainee, the intern prepares a report on the results of the trainee, which is considered by commission. This report contains the intern’s report on the mastered material in the format of topics or blocks with the intern’s personal reasoning based on the results of mastering each topic.

For a solid period of activity, the management of AG has decided on an effective period of trainee in the field of intellectual activity, which is 4-5 months. The trainee period can be shortened depending on the intern’s skills and the speed of assimilation of the material.

The period of the trainee at AG can be entered in the working book.

After successful completion of the trainee plan (advanced study of theory and in-depth training in skills and features of the profession) an intern is accepted into the company’s staff and is assigned a salary 2-4 times higher than the amount he was able to receive during the trainee.

To start the procedure described above, you need to send us your resume using the feedback form on website AG: Intern.

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