We provide support for foreign organizations in the Russian Federation

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Areas of work

Based on the planned activity direction, we form the legal activity scheme, solve financial and tax issues, resolve issues of setting up a branch network, look for premises for offices, solve management tasks, prepare business plans, market research, study the competitive environment, carry out customs procedures and perform other tasks

For the implementation of activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, you can open a permanent establishment or a branch.

To do this, you must provide us with a full package of constituent documents of a foreign legal entity for the preparation of a set of documents and the resolution of various organizational issues.

Statement of the Russian organization and the foreign organization of the company on the account in the appropriate structure for the subsequent receipt of a working or business visa for employees. Tax registration of a foreign organization, receipt of TIN 

We represent the interests of foreign organizations (as well as branches and representative offices of foreign organizations) in the territory of the Russian Federation:

  • to counterparties, business partners and third parties;
  • to government agencies and institutions.

As part of this, we speak languages, formulate a position on a particular issue, observe Russian tax, land, commercial, civil law, prepare documents. We organize various business issues. 

  • We carry out work on the registration of a legal entity for the further registration of a foreign citizen in the company’s staff (a LE with foreign participation, a branch or representative office of a foreign LE in the Russian Federation)
  • We notify the relevant structures about hiring and dismissal (submission of documents is also carried out by the employer);
  • We put these organizations on record at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Employment Service, the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, etc.
  • We help to get quotas for employment of foreign citizens
  • We open business visas for foreign citizens
  • We issue work permits for foreign citizens
  • We are registering the accreditation of foreign workers who arrived in the Russian Federation
  • We put a citizen of another country on migration registration in Moscow.

HQU is issued for Russian or foreign organizations to carry out activities in the territory of the Russian Federation with the involvement of foreign labor

For the employment of more than 5 employees who can be accredited to ensure the activities of a branch or representative office of a foreign organization in the territory of the Russian Federation in the base case

Registration of quotas for the right to attract foreign labor (preparation and submission of official documents)

Our specialists constantly monitor changes in the field of migration law that occur in the legislation, know all the secrets and subtleties of the paperwork process the relevant documents, solve even the most complex issues related to migration services in a comprehensive manner.

Any questions?

Russia, with one of the largest domestic markets, has always attracted foreign organizations that want to develop on the world market.

The opening of branches and representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation from January 1, 2015 is regulated by Government Decree No. 1372 “On Amendments to the Regulations on the Federal Tax Service and recognition of certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation as invalid.” Administrative functions for the accreditation of branches, representative offices of foreign organizations (with the exception of credit organizations) and assigned to the Federal Tax Service of Russia.