Services AG

Business studio AG

Comprehensive planning, management of projects and areas of work (pricing, management of personnel numbers and productivity of personnel). Responsibility, indicators, reporting

Opening branches, representative offices and companies with foreign participation in Russia, accreditation, changes, registration of foreign labor force (quotas, HQS, work permits). We form proposals for opening companies abroad individually.

A comprehensive audit of counterparties, employees, providing a large spectrum of various information, mining of information abroad

Investment studio AG

We study your investment intentions and documentation, check the quality of calculations and the completeness of the development of the investment project, provide recommendations

Complete modeling (formation of an action program, definition of the execution environment, financial planning and calculations, investment planning and calculations), preparation of investment project documentation

Accompaniment of financing issues, provision of financing, search for financing

Sales and promotion

We help to select options, organize transactions. In foreign economic activity, we are focused on the markets of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the East.

We identify the advantages of your products, works or services and your team in the relevant markets, help develop a promotion strategy, check the quality of your results, give recommendations

We help you participate in competitive procedures, prepare documents, accompany you in necessary matters