Financing of investment projects

Launching your investment project

Financing of investment projects

Here, previously developed investment projects receive life and the opportunity to achieve the goals and objectives set in them, such as: extraction of raw materials, production, creation of engineering facilities, creation of new technologies, software, creation of distribution or consumption points (shops, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.).

Here, investment projects move from the documentary and ideological part to the real one. All this happens as a result of the work of the AG Investment Studio

The volume of financing of investment projects:

  • in the field of medicine — from 1,000,000 US dollars;
  • in agriculture — from 3,000,000 US dollars;
  • in the leisure and entertainment industry — from 5,000,000 US dollars;
  • in industry — from 10,000,000 US dollars;
  • in the field of transport and logistics — from 20,000,000 US dollars;
  • in the field of mining and processing of minerals — from 100,000,000 US dollars.

In other areas of the economy, the minimum amount of financing varies from 500,000 US dollars to 12,000,000 US dollars.

AG searches for investors, including foreign ones, for prepared investment projects, conducts comprehensive preparation for negotiations and leads to the conclusion of transactions with investors.

The range services financing  of projects  is represented by the following stages:

  • Completing of the project to offer to the investor
  • Informing investors about the project
  • Interaction with investors
  • Preparation of an investment transaction
  • Development of an investment memorandum
  • Holding events and execution of transactions with investors

We can provide you with the service of attracting financing to an investment project comprehensively, as well as partially, if you have already completed the previous stages.

Important mandatory rules. We provide the service and its stages if:

  • you have prepared investment projects, not ideas.
  • your investment projects have passed our audit procedure and are recognized as ready for financing.
  • you have finalized or corrected errors in the investment project, if it was recommended by the results of the audit.
  • you own this project and have full rights to present this project to investors and conclude deals.

Formats for attracting financing to investment projects:


We post your project on our Internet resource and inform you about the interest of investors in your project. Here you only pay for posting. These are the smallest expenses after its complete development. This is a way to passively attract investors. You build interaction with investors yourself.


The paid search method is active search. We involve investors from our base, look for new investors, warm up their interest in the project, hold meetings and answer all questions and do everything to bring the project closer to filling with cash. This is a quick way to attract investment.