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Allterra Group is a "selection" of knowledge and professionalism

A team AG leading to success!

We are contacted daily by manufacturing and trading companies, banks, investors and asset owners. We take part and develop solutions for both everyday and private tasks. We create economic models, financial plans, plan the legal scheme of activities, defend the interests of companies and work every day to achieve high-quality business results.

We are regularly accessed by manufacturing, trading and service companies, banks, investors and asset owners.

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  • Ekaterina V. Naumova
    Ekaterina V. Naumova
    Alterra Group President, Lawyer, financier, economist
  • Dmitriy I. Sulzhik-Vasiliev
    Dmitriy I. Sulzhik-Vasiliev
    Project Manager, Lawyer
  • Eduard V. Nalimov
    Eduard V. Nalimov
    Lawyer, advocate
  • Ruslan S Amirov
    Ruslan S Amirov
  • Rinat A Bichurin
    Rinat A Bichurin
  • Irina Y Gnusareva
    Irina Y Gnusareva
  • Tatyana O Aladyshkina
    Tatyana O Aladyshkina
  • Vladimir N Okunev
    Vladimir N Okunev
    Civil lawyer