Audit of investment projects

"Input control" of projects from AG before making investment decisions

Audit of investment projects

All projects are different and investment processes are very multifaceted

There are different ways to invest money in order to make a profit. You can invest both “in yourself” (your development, education) and in “Uncle Sam”. You can use ready-made solutions that periodically appear on the markets in search of investors (for example, an investment program for the purchase of real estate), or you can look for projects that are close to you in spirit, that you really need, study and develop them.


There are projects on the execution of which you will not be able to influence in any way and your participation will be limited to signing documents with the simultaneous provision of money, and there are projects where you can monitor the process of applying the funds provided by you and monitoring the effectiveness of expenses at each step.


There are projects where the entire process of investing and servicing capital is in the hands of intermediaries. They created this system and now claim a share of the funds of the investor or the owner of the investment project, claiming that the system is needed and works like a “clock”. There are projects where investments are transferred directly to the owners of the investment project for investment purposes (“direct investment”).

Investments are usually needed only at the stage of growth, development or the discovery of something new. When there is nothing new (new production facilities are not being opened, research and development is not being conducted, new technologies are not being introduced), and shares are being sold, then this is not really an investment. You participate in the redistribution of capital. This is a process where the former owner refused to participate in the funds or capital of the company and sold shares, and someone else took such shares. In such a situation, initially there are no prospects that after the redistribution of capital you will have exactly the investment income. Most likely, you will be paid dividends from the operating activities of such a company based on the results of, for example, a year. Agree, this is not an investment income. To receive investments, you will probably have to wait a long time for changes in the management of the company’s affairs or also sell shares. Unsuccessful, thoughtless investments block your funds. And this is just one of the possible disadvantages.


In addition to the voiced investment situations, important aspects are guarantees for investors, understanding of various overhead costs for the investor’s income (for example, fulfillment of tax obligations at the place of income and citizenship or place of registration as a tax resident).

The audit of the investment project takes place in 3 stages

We provide audit services for investment projects in order to carry out a competent and safe selection of investment objects. To check the investment attractiveness of the project based on your instructions, we will study the investment project and documentation, consider in detail the project product and the project market, draw conclusions and provide recommendations.



Verification of investment intentions together with AG



Checking the completeness of the development of an investment project for its further implementation



Checking the quality of calculations of the investment project

The audit of the investment project is carried out from the first stage to the next with the investor stopping at the current stage in case of a negative result. Performing the audit in reverse order or selectively is impractical, as it will not give reliable results.

The duration of work on each stage is from 3 to 20 working days. The audit is conducted by a group of experts, each according to their field of expertise. Based on the results of the research stage, you are provided with a written reasoned conclusion.

Study your project. Find the one you need!

Study the investment project before making a decision about investing. Checking an investment project, you act wisely, because you do not seek to join the ranks of bankrupts after the unsuccessful execution of a personal financial plan, you do not imagine reasons to “burn out”. Find a truly investment project, and not forms of purchase and sale disguised as investments.

For qualitative conclusions on the project, we will request and collect the necessary data and information. As part of the audit service, we do not finalize investment projects, but study them in the form provided. If you are the initiator of a future investment project or the owner of an investment project, you can use the information collected by us during the audit process to develop or improve your investment project.

An investment project and an investment object must be real, understandable, unique or competitive, have a reliable deadline, must be provided with sufficient resources or have rights to them, have stability and moderate risk, have correct calculations, guarantee the effectiveness and protection of investments, not be illegal, not have insurmountable and explicit prohibitions and restrictions

The main objectives of AG in the audit of investment projects


To identify you high-quality objects for investment


We need to make sure that these investments are safe for you


We can identify and eliminate fake projects

As a result of the audit, you receive answers in the following areas:

  1. The reasonableness of investment intentions. The evaluation of an investment project in AG takes place according to the criteria: reality, uniqueness, reliability of the period, the presence and severity of blockages.
  2. The initial maturity (degree of readiness) of the investment project for its implementation. The evaluation of an investment project in AG takes place according to the following criteria: competitiveness, stability, legality. It is important in different geographical locations, legal and social systems.
  3. The reliability of the statements of the investment project regarding the timing of the use of the investor’s funds and the amount of income that the investor should receive. The evaluation of an investment project in AG takes place according to the following criteria: the correctness of financial calculations, investment calculations, the effectiveness of the investor’s investments.

Our philosophy

  1. There are not so many performers and experts in this field of activity on the world market today
  2. The AG methodology is unique and contains effective accents that are extremely necessary for making competent investment decisions.
  3. We ready to work with complex investments (different from buying real estate and risky games on the currency and stock markets)
  4. We treat projects with direct (real) investments with a high attentiveness of care and responsibility
  5. Our activity pursues effective and high-quality development of significant infrastructure and technological projects
  6. Our activity is aimed at qualitative improvement of interaction between the investor and the initiator (owner) of the investment project
  7. We help the investor to decide on a decent, guaranteed and safe object of investment of their capital