Develop of investment projects

Detailed planning, high-quality calculations, documentation

Develop of investment projects

Our competences

We develop investment projects to the required extent in accordance with international business and investment rules. We offer:

  • Business process modeling
  • Develop of investment processes for the runtime environment
  • Preparation of necessary calculations
  • Preparation of investment project documentation.

Stages of development of investment projects. Our services:

The project implementation environment is important for determining the benefits of the project, which should be reflected in the calculations to increase its investment attractiveness. The project implementation environment is important for identifying obstacles, conditions and difficulties that should receive the development of appropriate measures. Any tasks have stages, deadlines and costs, and this inevitably affects the project budget.

The marketing research of an investment project is very different from the marketing research of a business plan, since the need for the product of an investment project and its sale are studied in maximum detail and from all sides. The stability of the investment project lies in the demand for the project product. In business planning, sales are probabilistic, and in an investment project it must be guaranteed. Activity “at your own risk” (stable expression) in investment projects is not allowed.

The feasibility study is a reflection of the technological, technical parameters of the project, contains economic parameters and analytical indicators for technological and operating activities . To move to this level of working the initiators (owners, developers, executors) of the project have fulfilled out preliminary approaches and are confident in the need for this investment project.

The financial plan of the investment project is a large-scale and detailed description of the project’s activities in figures by aspects and stages of activity on the timeline of the project (of stages), contains control economic and financial indicators for the cumulative reading and evaluation of the results obtained. The completion of the stage allows you to proceed to determining the amount of necessary financing and investments, to proceed to planning the investment activity of the project.

This work is aimed at facilitating investment activities in the project. Parameters are being determined to assess the success of the project by the investor. With a high-quality development of the project, these parameters cannot be disappointing. At this stage, the investor can judge the investment attractiveness of the project for himself.

This work completes the development of the investment plan of the project. The sustainability assessment is carried out based on the previous parts of the project. At this stage, the investor can judge the probability of successful completion of the project and draw a conclusion about the guarantees of repayment of the investments invested by him.

This type of analysis has an organizing value for the investment project. It includes issues and aspects of activities that were formed during the development of the investment project. The risk management of the project is an exclusively individual event, since it does not exist separately from the scope of realization of the investment project and when it is carried out, it is important to understand the specifics of the relevant field of activity. This block may include studies of the macroeconomic and foreign policy plan that affect or may affect the implementation of the project. In conditions of major market shifts, the period of application of the results of study the risks may not be long enough. The fact of major market shifts indicates the need to repeat the study of the risks after some time and when it is necessary for the project (for example, in the situation of a prolonged search investor).

Finalizing third-party projects means correcting projects errors or adding new blocks to third-party projects. The decision to rework the project is possible only after an audit of the investment project. As a result of the audit, a decision is made on the amount of necessary rework, an offer is made to the customer.

The development of an investment project includes all the above blocks, as well as extended basic descriptions and studies, modeling of the organizational structure and interaction schemes, the formation of plans and strategies for a full-fledged and promising investment project. All our projects handle the interests of private and public capital, provide for various modes of creation and use of property funds.

For each type of development, starting from the 1st to the 8th item of the list, it takes from 5 to 20 working days. When performing the previous stages by our forces, each subsequent stage is performed faster. This rule also applies to the full development of an investment project. The provision of services for the development of an investment project block, which is below the previous proposals, is possible if these parts are present in your investment project or if they were developed by us earlier.

What distinguishes an investment project from a business plan?

In the investment project, special sections appear responsible for calculating the size of investments, parameters of sustainability, project efficiency, factor analysis and calculation of the sensitivity of project parameters for different variants of changes in influencing factors, the payback period of the project, operational, financial, investment activity plans and further are determined. To summarize, the investment project must inform the investor about the amount of necessary investments, the investment period, the terms of return on investment, the internal discount rate and the impact of the investor’s income rate on the project, and the amount of the investor’s income in kind.

This is a whole pool of specialized issues that are reflected in the investment plan, necessary for projects with external sources of financing.

Are there any differences between the investment project and the business plan in addition to the voiced ones?

Yes, there is! A business plan is a business model that is much simpler in relation to an investment project. A business plan is usually made for small projects, for example: the opening of a pharmacy, but not a shopping center, a coffee shop, but not an ethnic restaurant, a small bakery, but not a bread factory; for the construction of an apartment building, but not a manageable comfortable cottage village, etc.

Small projects do not require investments, as they can be financed from their own savings, the savings of a group of participants, with the involvement of a loan or a small loan.

Large projects need much more funding and the initiators, owners and executors of the project are seriously working on the development of the project, finding financing, developing and implementation of the project.

Why is it necessary to develop an investment project?

The problem of understanding the size and sufficiency of budgets is one of the main ones in all commercial projects. 

With a low-quality project:

  • You will experience difficulties in attracting financing.
  • You can easily make a mistake with the budget and this project will never be completed.
  • You will not understand the risks of the activity when executing the project.
  • You will not know for sure in which part the reserves are in order to manage them if necessary.

In accordance with international standards:

We will finalize investment projects for you in the relevant parts

We will perform a full develop of the investment project for you

We will translate investment projects (their parts) into the language of reading

Give written explanations and comments on investment projects

We are able to work in a short time

Money and financial relations “do not wait”, “do not know” weekends and holiday breaks. As a result of the develop of the investment project, you will receive:

  • Models of economic and commercial activity
  • The ability to implement out projects with external sources of financing, attract investors
  • Operational, financial and investment management plans