Business plan

Business planning

Why have large companies been operating steadily for many years and some of them are even global brands? Luck? No! They pay great attention to 4 aspects of the work:



Continuous planning of commercial, industrial, economic and managerial activities.



Monitoring compliance with instructions and work standards, checking the implementation of plans, meeting deadlines.



Any deviations from the plan in the process of its implementation are immediately analyzed, the achievement of goals is evaluated.



If inaccuracy of instructions, inconvenience of standards or errors in plans are revealed, adjustments are made.

Development of business plans in AG

We offer planning and development of Business plans. You will receive a program document for conducting business and commercial activities in electronic and digital form on a tangible medium that can be printed.

The development of a business plan takes from 3 to 15 working days

Completion of the finished business plan – individually.

What is a business plan for?

business planning
  • Launching a new business
  • Expanding the business
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Creating an organizational plan
  • Determining the life cycle
  • Determining the cost plan
  • Determining the project budget

What blocks of information does the Business Plan cover?

Technological block
Legal and Corporate block
Economic Block
Personnel block
Marketing Block

Important features of preparing Business plans

Planning actions before they start is better than after, but it is possible only if there is time. If the project needs to start right away, you need to start. Planning can be carried out in the course of activity, but in order to reduce risks, it is better not to delay planning.

Business plans are not aimed at calculating the income of creditors and investors. A business plan is a detailed plan of work and it does a good job of doing that. If it is known in advance that the implementation of the project should take place with external sources of financing, then it is necessary to prepare an investment project. The standard of this document provides for the preparation of special plans and calculations, which forms detailed information necessary for the lender and investor.

Advantages of developing business plans

Before starting work:

  • Understanding the cost and revenue side of the project, the order of cash flow, detection of budget insufficiency zones.
  • Forecast of the number of personnel and the volume of necessary measures, deadlines and goals.
  • A business model is being formed that can subsequently take into account new scales, prices, volumes and deadlines.
  • The ability to analyze the state of the project under the influence of various factors.
  • The ability to quickly receive and put into effect updated and new event programs.

In the process of activity:

  • To review and improve the work.
  • To increase the scale of activities.
  • To discover reserves.
  • To assess the expenditure of resources.
  • To assess the risks of activities.

Unique amenities and benefits:

Time cost planning.
Allocation of resources.
Reduction of the number of “mistakes”.
Reduction of unreasonable costs.
Achievement of goals without overspending.

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