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Professional service for your business

You receive professional service for your business in line with modern technologies. All best solutions at one place! We distinguish effective keys, which take into consideration all the particularities of your commercial activity and adjust it pursuing the best of its quantitative and qualitative results possible. Thanks to the wide range of our services and accessibility to new positions, making partnership with us will help your business to boost! Combining an outstanding experience in law, economics, taxes, accounting, marketing, communication and technologies, we are able to accomplish much more sophisticated and obscure needs of a business. Balancing out creative approach and understanding of serious aspects of commercial activities and production we are there for you to achieve high-end business results.

Our services

Conducting legal work and representing a company’s interests, including preparation of necessary documents and execution of business meetings

Analysis and planning, development and calculation of financial models of investment projects, ROI and taxes analysis, risks identification, search of reserves and formulation of an action plan,  including investment generation. Coordination with fiscal and controlling official bodies

Conducting current accounting according to Russian and IFRS standards, filing tax and accounting reports, preparing activity data for business owners

Business security

legal protection of business, comprehensive verification of counterparties

International supply of goods and services, production, marketing, promotion


Opening of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in the Russian Federation, accreditation of foreign workers, foreign labor attraction (agreements, highly skilled specialists, quotas)

Invitations, visas, temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit, removal of entry bans, appeal of administrative offenses

Our functions

Accessing convenience

Wide range of our services allows you to solve many of your problems and questions, find solutions all at one place.

Complex approach

Looking at the working process from different angles involves group of specialists for the supervision of a situation and its processes


We respect data confidentiality received from our clients and we guarantee the safety mode for the data received in the working process


We work together with heads of companies. Reaching the outstanding results, we exchange with knowledge and experience with the market leaders

Friendly approach

At work we cherish networking, personal contacts, and as a consequence – openness and trust


We are able to work under pressure

Feedback from our customers


"I have been working with ALLTERRA GROUP for almost 3 years, I am very pleased with my cooperation with this company. Always ready to help with my activities. With them I opened several branches, selected a team of performers, and successfully entered into contracts. The AG team is a team of great professionals. Recommend."

Elena Smirnova

"I’ve been familiar with ALLTERRA GROUP for a long time. This is a creative company with an active leader. They can work in a very short time. Always ready to accept the task and quickly make a decision. This is a valuable and reliable partner for business."

Marat Faydrakhmanov
CEO Istok-Auto-Trans, LLC

"ALLTERRA GROUP provides excellent legal services. They analyze the situation very qualitatively and give it a legal assessment. They prepare documents and coordinate with me on time. I have been working with them for 2 years, I have good results. I recommend."

Evgeny Romanov

Word to our employees

Dmitriy I. Vasilyev

Project Manager

The group of companies Alterra – is a multimodal structure with great history. We are able to meet any criteria from our clients

Ekaterina V. Naumova

Alterra Group President

The business journey towards success is full of challenges. The more persistent is the behavior and the smarter is the strategy, the more chances to achieve the aimed result

Anastasia A. Neverova

Sculptor, artist

The best moments and images we usually wish to keep as our memories and to perpetuate them. We do our business as an art and all you wishes can be accomplished!

Yuriy A. Gusev

Director of the Department,
St. Petersburg

How people treat themselves personally, the same attitude they have towards their businesses. We have a professional approach towards the solution of any type of problems

Gafurova Gulnara

Assistant to the President of AG

Nowadays it is necessary to be able to take rapid and high-quality decisions, to find practical and effective solutions. 

Gupta Krishan Kant

Marketer and translator

Our business is to promote your business