HH support in the UAE

A unique offer that has no analogues on the Russian market

Support from
His Highness in the United
Arab Emirates

AG’s service “Security and Support from His Highness in the UAE” is innovative and created to guard, protect and fully cover businesses from any possible problems in Arab countries and in the international arena, to reduce all kinds of risks and for successful business development.

Support measures are implemented through the AG Service for creating companies in the United Arab Emirates with the participation of representatives of ruling families (His Highness). HH participation in a UAE company is the most effective and proven way to open and/or expand your business to an international level. This method allows the company, the owners and management of the company to immediately gain a higher reputation and respect from local authorities and other potential partners.

The participation of НН allows you to resolve many conflict situations in business quickly and efficiently. To develop the company without obstacles.

The high quality of the business environment in the UAE and Service AG guarantee the success of the work and the highest status of such companies, both in Russia and in the international arena.

Opening a company

in the UAE

Here you can see the advantages of doing and developing business in the UAE, including under conditions of prolonged sanctions.

Service AG

We negotiate with representatives of the ruling families of the UAE, Arab figures, public figures or Arab businessmen based on the ideological or functionally significant objectives of our client.

We provide His Highness (HH) portfolio for consideration and information about the terms of cooperation with him, the use of his name and reputation to solve certain problems (organizational, situational, temporary, locational, etc.). Such cooperation can be aimed at increasing the image, at preventing the risk of business problems, at solving existing problems, at actively promoting business in the UAE or in the international arena.

AG offer depends on the type of NV support in the UAE

We have 3 types of support from His Highness

Filling support

НН Name”s

Name, reputation НН

Name, reputation, participation НН

1.This is an entry in the license and company documents, independent use of the HH name in relations with third parties.




2. НН can come to a photo shoot and do advertising for a company or business. Minimum 2-3 visits. NN does not participate in negotiations and active business development. Negotiates various business tasks of the company, regulates it with letters from his office, calls (banks, etc.).




3. НН is engaged in business development:

  • Promotion in the GULF, MENA markets through an accredited NN company. Subject to the transfer of exclusive rights to work with the company’s product, you receive guaranteed orders for 3 years.
  • It is possible to conduct a photo session with an Arab figure. Advertising events with even larger budgets will no longer be required. There’s no better way to do this ad..
  • Activities without inspections, without reporting.
  • No taxes if free zone. According to the sheikh’s letter, there may be abolition of taxes even in the tax zone.
  • Participation in government programs of the UAE or in tenders for government contracts is possible. 
  • Possibility to fix HH remuneration for a long period.
  • Availability of a business strategy at the start with a high degree of implementation.
  • It is possible for HH to arrive to support businesses and companies at corporate events.
  • In addition to what is described, HH may provide personal attention and this will be at his personal discretion.


Owning a company in the United Arab Emirates with the inclusion of representatives of the ruling families is a profitable and promising investment in the future of your business. AG service provides new opportunities for company development in the Arab world


The main objectives of the AG Service are to offer and select appropriate types of support for businesses in the UAE. We offer three areas of support:


Business goals in the UAE

Types of business support from НН in the UAE

Functional solution to business problems (banks, etc.)

Business support is possible through the use of the reputation of an influential Arab figure.

Solving management problems (depends on the goals of business activities)

Tactical business development is possible through co-founding with a prominent Arab figure.


Business development in the UAE

Strategic business development is possible through the direct and immediate influence of an Arab figure.

In this case, the business must be:

Projects interesting to the Arab markets

Significant projects for an influential Arab.

It's much easier to avoid problems before they happen. The AG service allows you to access His Highness reputation if necessary.

With the connection of AG’s “Security and Support from НН in the UAE” service to business life on the international stage, the intentions of business owners to bring the company to an effective level of operation become feasible.

Businesses receive protection from risks when working in the Emirate market, Gulf countries and in the international arena when concluding transactions.

Opening a company in the United Arab Emirates with the participation of members of ruling families has several advantages:

Prestige. The participation of members of ruling families in the company gives it high status and prestige at the international level.

Access to resources. The activities of members of ruling families in the United Arab Emirates are usually associated with enormous wealth, resources and connections. Access to these resources can be very helpful in growing your business.

Political support. In the event of business problems, the participation of members of ruling families can provide political support at the highest level.

Cultural connection. The United Arab Emirates is a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. To do business in the UAE, it is very important to respect local cultural rules and traditions. The participation of members of ruling families will allow you to easily adapt to unfamiliar conditions.

Safety. The presence of law enforcement agencies, a street camera, monitoring of the company’s production base and other measures provide maximum protection for the company.

Benefits of contacting us

AG has experience in international activities and fulfills the corporate standard of providing exclusive services.

It is important to note that the exclusive offer of AG Russia has no analogues on the market and this provides incomparable benefits for Russian business in the international arena.

The presence of a locale in the operation of a business provides a solution to the company’s problems when located in the jurisdiction of the UAE. You can easily avoid or solve the problems of blocking bank accounts, advertising your business at a high level, and participating in tenders.

As a result, our clients have the opportunity to radically improve their business, establish connections at the international level and receive maximum protection of their interests.

Stages of work

Getting to know a Russian company, business

Determining the client’s goals and objectives for doing business

Discussion of the type of Support (solving business problems or development)

Carrying out KYC and, for a non-public company, determining the client’s solvency to pay for the service and guarantees from him to fulfill financial obligations in the future

For the “Development” support type you need:

  • Receiving a presentation about the company, business, experience, work performed, etc.
  • Receive a catalog of goods, services, price lists (prices), discuss special pricing policies for work in the UAE and other countries.
  • Obtaining technical opinions and studies from competent organizations and bodies in relation to goods and works that are original, unique, etc.
  • Obtaining information about the company’s experience in offering its goods (work, services) on the market and the company’s methods of work in promoting its goods (work, services).

Formation of CP from AG (offer).

Concluding a deal, advance payment

Execution of the transaction, final settlement.

Cost of our services and НН support program

The total cost of services is determined individually and depends on the exclusivity of the offer and the conditions for creating an LLC with the participation of HH (His Highness). Some important parameters:

  • Emirati family,
  • the need to lobby business interests,
  • inclusion of NN in company events, including other countries of business interests,
  • lobbying interests to obtain government contracts, etc.
  • regular or one-time support.

In general, the total cost is from 2,000,000 dirhams annually.

AG Portfolio

Long-term cooperation with influential families allows our company to provide this service on an exclusive basis.

Each Emirate has ruling families. With us you can consider any Emirate of your choice.

Performers are specialists and TOP-managers of AG.