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This page is for sending your resume to the company for the position of “Trainee AG” for the vacancy AG.

The position of “Trainee AG” is possible for vacancies where the internship is initially provided. Information about the possibility of an internship is indicated in the text of the vacancies themselves. In exceptional cases, the position of “Trainee AG” can be offered to candidates who were able to interest the company’s employees responsible for selection and decision-making. To answer the question “Is an internship for a vacancy possible?” it is necessary to look at the current (current) texts of vacancies. The texts of vacancies are regularly posted on this site, HH and on other recruitment sites. To get an opportunity to do an internship at AG, you need to take the initiative, show the level of existing knowledge, the desire to develop in the profession, strive for stable and understandable work, for high-quality labor relations.

Before sending us a resume for the “Trainee AG” position, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the main provisions of the internship at Allterra Group.

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