Dubious investments

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Dubious investments

The explanations are made in order to clarify the meanings and definitions of investments in the information flow of the modern financial world, in order to explain the ongoing events in the field of dubious investments and provide an opportunity to make an informed choice of ways to increase your capital.

Now there are a lot of companies on the market offering to invest their funds in profitable projects and promising a quick and easy increase in their capital. If that were the case, wouldn’t everyone be rich?

Forms of dubious investments are often covered up by the respected brand of the Forex market, “currency pairs”, “currency baskets” and people promise you untold riches if you work with them. Stop! This is crude marketing. You are being roughly pressed on the natural desire to have money and a comfortable life.

Unfortunately, all this is based on a lack of understanding of citizens about the proposed mechanisms of investment and on financial illiteracy.

The basics of financial activity are taught at universities for 3 or more years, but this does not mean the birth of a new specialist. Citizens and companies want to get rich quickly and earn money without unnecessary hassle and effort.

Crime was previously open, but now this enemy is “hidden”. He confidently mastered a niche of existence in which no specialist is able to quickly understand and even navigate.

Investors in the recession and in hopes of economic development simply run for offers to use their capital and lose millions as a result. In order not to fall for the bait of scammers and fraudulent companies organized by them, you can resort to a few very simple rules:

1. Determine the status of a financial intermediary (dealer, broker, financial intermediary, financial manager, commission agent, agent, etc.).

2. Determine whether the financial intermediary has permits to conduct such activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Such permissions should not be fake. You may also encounter the activities of an offshore company under the jurisdiction of a state from the “dark gray” list. Pay all your attention to this. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive protection from the financial regulator in relation to the unfair actions of a financial intermediary and will not find a quick and effective participation of state and law enforcement agencies of Russia in your case. In such cases, the probability of returning your capital will be small, and if it is possible, then you will have to put in a lot of effort and incur significant costs of lawyers.

3. Do not rush to conclude contracts if you are being rushed and forced to make a quick decision or “emotionally”. Do not rush to transfer money to such “figures” to the accounts indicated by them. The “Japanese candle” (financial term) will not burn out if you don’t do it. You need to make informed decisions, and not try to figure everything  out in case of failure.

4. For a more in-depth study of investment projects and the possibility of participating in them, get the advice of independent financial specialists. You need to look for independent specialists yourself, they are located in other companies, and not in the one whose service you are trying to check.

The states of blunders in the investment field of activity are not sudden, most often these processes are absolutely manageable. The choice is yours to make. Be vigilant and do not let the money that once belonged to you say goodbye to you by going on a big and independent voyage, where you will never know their location again.

We wish you successful and guaranteed earnings in various capital markets!

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