"Swan, pike and crayfish" team

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"Swan, pike and crayfish" team

Business is an organism, the development of which depends on the correct and coordinated work of all organs without exception. The work of the organs is provided by the business team. Misunderstandings between team members, such as between lawyers, accountants, and HR, not only slow down operations and projects, but can also lead to detrimental consequences.

In the course of its activity, the company enters into civil relations with other companies, citizens and interacts with fiscal and regulatory authorities of the state. High-quality interaction of an accountant, a lawyer and a human resources manager to ensure such work of the company becomes especially important. The uncoordinated work of these specialists can have a deplorable effect on the state of the organization and the head, who bears full responsibility.

The correctness of the paperwork for the transactions being made determines the legality of the company’s activities. Practice shows that accountants do not know all the issues of Russian law, and despite this, company managers entrust them with legal or personnel work. Accountants are afraid not to fulfill the order of the head and, unwittingly, can significantly violate the law. For example, accountants may prepare contracts and conduct transactions in a way that is not the most profitable for business, they may not identify intangible assets and put them on the company’s balance sheet. Every mistake reduces the value of the business and its investment attractiveness. A qualitative economic goal cannot be achieved alone, there are usually always several ways to achieve goals.

The activity of the accounting department is completely subordinated to the action of civil, corporate and tax legislation. It is good when the company’s lawyers are engaged in legislation and its application, and the accounting department accepts ready-made documents for economic and tax accounting. Relationships with employees for business are ubiquitous and daily. The legislation of the Russian Federation is voluminous and in the field of labor law requires high-quality implementation of the following measures: hiring, transfers, dismissals, incentives and penalties against employees, development of local regulations of the employer. An important aspect of the company’s activity is the competence and high-quality professional interaction of a lawyer, an accountant and a human resources specialist. This factor is a guarantee of respect for the rights and freedoms of employees, as well as reducing organizational and economic risks for business. It is known that any violations in this area entail fines and sanctions for businesses and managers.

The head or managing owner of a business needs to clearly understand how well the company’s bodies work and, if there is an obvious lack of coherence, take measures and change the situation for the better. There are two objective options for improvement: to change or dismiss a human resources specialist and hire quality employees, or to find a multidisciplinary consulting company that will take over the necessary areas of work. In both cases, you need an understanding of the amount of work and an understanding of the benefits. In particular, what costs does the company have for the maintenance of specialists and what quality does the company get from their work and what cost will external specialists ask for it. There are companies on the market, including us, that provide external services to businesses.

Analyze and think. Economic security and business sustainability are not spontaneous results!

When there is no agreement in the comrades,

Their business will not go well,

And nothing will come out of it, only flour.

One day a Swan, a Crayfish and a Pike took a trolley with luggage, the three of them harnessed up to drive;

They climb out of their skin, but there is no way for the cart!

The load was light, but the Swan is tearing into the clouds,

The cancer backs away, and Pike rushes into the water.

Who is to blame among them, who is right – it is not for us to judge;

Yes, only the cart is still in the same place.       

(Fable, S.I. Krylov)

(Russian fable “Swan, Pike and Cancer”, I.A. Krylov)

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