Intellectual property value

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We all know that in a market economy, the rights of the owner and his property interests are paramount. Most people more or less realize that intangible assets are intellectual property. Oddly enough, in Russia so far many entrepreneurs do not take intellectual property into account in their activities, or as the results of such activities. We often “give” our designs to those who cannot devise and invent anything themselves. What for?
Intellectual property valuation

The valuation of intellectual property is the first and very important step in the commercialization of intangible assets. Western companies are actively using the franchise to develop their own business in Russia, actively promoting their own brands. Behind these actions are real cash flows and numerous goods. Russian businessmen are still passive. And intellectual property is not only a source of formation of good capital, but also a sure way to increase profits and diversify business.

A proposal to the Russian business from ALLTERRA GROUP is the commercialization of intangible assets to increase the value of existing business projects and increase the project cost (investment attractiveness) of business ventures and business projects.

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