ALLTERRA GROUP worked on the preparation of a business plan for this project and was able to implement it in a very short time

How did we do this?

Investing in the gasoline business is like buying a thoroughbred stallion. First, you have to invest quite a large sum: “blue” blood is not cheap, to the stallion grew smooth, quick and agile, too, need to try hard. However, soon the investor will realize that it was not in vain


Construction of a gas station and a complex to provide additional services to car owners, which includes: auto parts store; car wash; tire shop; 24-hour cafe, guarded parking

The buildings under construction are equipped with modern engineering systems: supply and exhaust ventilation with mechanical motivation, power supply, automation system of engineering equipment, fire alarm, water heating system, air conditioning

The organizers of the business faced many challenges. We have divided everything into four stages business starting. four stages

The first is the choice of location. At the initial stage, the surrounding area should be assessed for the placement of outdoor advertising.

The best option for the location of the service center – close to highways, gas stations, garage complexes. It should be noted that, in accordance with the requirements of the SES, it is not possible to organize a car-care center near residential buildings (the distance must be at least 50 m) and near water bodies. The selected room should have a centralized water supply and sewerage

So, the second stage in the creation of a car service center is a bureaucratic formalization.


And the first thing you have to do here is project documentation. In order for it to be approved by the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision authorities. We’ll have to work hard because of the big amount of requirements: from the availability of natural lighting to the installation of a “double locker for workwear.” In addition to this, you will need to submit a package of documents to the transport inspection, to resolve issues with the lease agreement

The third stage-recruitment. In modern conditions, it is the opportunity to attract qualified specialists of a particular profile to the company that determines the choice of works that will be performed by the car service. But in any case, we must try to find experienced professionals for the most popular types of services. And first of all, they include tire and body repair experts

Having solved the issue with the staff and determine what services will provide auto repair, you can begin to purchase equipment. This is the fourth stage. Here you will have a choice — more expensive and high-quality imported or affordable domestic. It should be noted that the presence of imported equipment can help to attract customers, it is good to use for advertising purposes


Analysis and planning of cash flow is the basis of successful activity, as one of the main tasks as an entrepreneur is to maintain the current solvency

We have calculated the following indicators:

The cost of the project, the main items of expenditure, thousand rubles.
Investment capital Cost, RUB.
Amount of investments
Car service
Round-the-clock cafe
Purchase of raw materials, 25% of monthly turnover, licenses obtaining


After carrying out AG all stages of planning, understanding of the project budget, its cost and revenue parts, business owners started its implementation