Results of marketing activities and their evaluation

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Results of marketing activities and their evaluation

Results of marketing:

  • Informing an indefinite circle of people from the potential audience of consumers about the useful properties of a product or service;
  • Informing about the seller (supplier, manufacturer, contractor): its name, location, terms of purchase (purchase) of goods or services from this seller;
  • Formation of the most advantageous position in the market for the seller (supplier, manufacturer, contractor) in relation to competitors, confident sale of goods (services) of the seller in relation to competitors’ goods, identical and homogeneous goods;
  • Receiving applications for the seller’s product from consumers who are aware of their need.

Recommended results for marketing activities:

  • The constant presence of information about the goods and services of the seller (supplier, manufacturer, contractor) in the aggregate information space of certain sales markets and in the field of view of potential consumers of these goods and services.

This result is achieved by working out a promising marketing plan and the absence of stops in the promotion of the seller (supplier, manufacturer, performer), his goods and services.

  • Sales growth of goods and services (product) of the seller.

This result is achievable: if there is a sales department or a sales specialist; as a result of training a sales employee in the specifics of the seller’s product presentation, including bringing advertising offers undertaken by marketers. The work of marketers ideally, at the stage of studying the product of the seller and the consumers of the product, should come out of the results of the work of sales departments, be built together with them and the results of marketing activities should be perceived by sales departments. If these conditions are met, it is possible to jointly form and implement sales plans in quantitative and monetary terms.

Any parameters about sales growth, attracting new customers, increasing the number of sales markets, profits are all parameters that are the results of exclusively joint work of a team of specialists (from product technologists to specialists at the point of delivery of goods), and not parameters of the marketing department only. When a marketer talks about this as his own achievement, it is worth checking carefully.

Objectivity in evaluating the results.

The marketer is engaged in his work before the appearance of the application for the seller’s product and everything that is included in the process of the appearance of the application. Everything else is not included in the area of work and responsibility of the marketer. When trying to shift the line of responsibility or mix these concepts, sellers immediately face confusion, chaos and lack of results in the work of the marketing and sales department.

In fact, there is no complex system for evaluating the performance of marketing. The truly significant result is the number of high-quality applications received by the seller in a period of time. Everything. The amount of costs for this activity is a financial characteristic of the achieved result, which is significant exactly the same as the volume of the product sold as a result of all the work. 

The amount of marketing costs and the cost of the application should be evaluated with care. The cost of applications, as well as their cheapness or high cost, is not a key criterion for evaluating the quality of work in the direction of marketing, if it fits perfectly into the cost of the product and does not reduce the quality of its promotion on the market. The cost of marketing is included in the cost of the product for the consumer. The presence of an application at the actual price is already a sign of the quality work of the marketing department.

A bright parameter to be evaluated immediately, up to the termination of such a direction of marketing activity, is the receipt of non-targeted applications to you. For example, you provide accounting services, and you have a call to get legal services.

The absence of applications and, accordingly, revenue – this also obliges you to think immediately. There may be one reason – a complete drop in demand. This happens extremely rarely. The current state of the markets and their specifics cannot be included in the quality assessment system of the marketing department, be part of the parameters for evaluating the results or their absence (which marketers often try to do). In a situation where there is no demand for the seller’s product, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the advertising campaign for the seller’s product and the methods used.

In general, a huge pool of data has been provided for self-determination in the field of marketing, as a customer of such services. At the same time, we can talk endlessly about marketing by industry.


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